Easy to learn and great fun, your team will be able to play a song on the ukulele in an hour - no previous musical knowledge required! Workshops. The workshop format is flexible and can be tailored to your company's requirements. "You Can Uke in an hour" can be used as an ice-breaker for a corporate training day, dinner or a sa lunchtime teambuilder. The session can be expanded and content can be adapted to your team's needs e.g. to develop communication skills, team-working or as a stress buster. Themes. Songs can be chosen from our repertoire list to fit the theme of your event for content or era e.g. Great Gatsby, 1950s, Beatles,1970s, Rock - the list is endless. Equipment. Ukuleles and sheet music are provided for each participant to use during the workshop. Sessions can generally be delivered without any technical support but for larger groups or venues some AV equipment may be required.